Election 2020 Project

The Social Science and Social Media Collaborative has teamed up with CNN and their polling partner SSRS to analyze data from weekly polls of Americans collected between the end of June through Election Day.


Interviews are conducted over a six-day period each week, typically Tuesdays through Sundays, by telephone, in English and Spanish, among a nationwide, random sample of approximately 1,000 adults per week via the SSRS Omnibus survey. Respondents are asked, “What, if anything, have you heard, read or seen in the past few days about Donald Trump?” and “What, if anything, have you heard, read or seen in the past few days about Joe Biden?”

As the campaign closes, coronavirus remains the main event (CNN)

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More information about the project methodology

The research team conducting analysis of the results of this project are Lisa Singh and Jonathan Ladd from Georgetown University; Josh Pasek, Michael Traugott, Ceren Budak and Stuart Soroka from the University of Michigan; and Jennifer Agiesta and Grace Sparks from CNN. Georgetown students Meena Balan, Ryan Callahan, Robert Churchill, Brandon Herren, and Kornraphop (Ken) Kawintiranon also assist with this research.

What Americans have read or heard about Biden July 13, 2020 – August 9, 2020.

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